Side-by-side fiber

Core-sheath fiber

Polymeric Fibres and Smart Textiles


Smart textiles are a new generation of textile materials, which are highly important for future sustainable society. On one hand, they shall provide protection against environment. On the other hand, they are envisioned to improve the quality of our life by being able to interact with our body by sensing it, by transmitting signals from the body to electronic devices, such as smartphones, and by being able to tune their properties in order to adapt thermal isolation, as well as vapor and water permeability. The world market for smart textile is expected to approach 1.6$ billion by 2020 2. Smart textiles are complex materials/devices, which may consist of different elements such as conductive wires, flexible batteries, flexible light emitting elements and displays, antennas. Moreover, smart textiles can be designed from polymeric fibers, which are able to change their shape. This can favorably lead to the change of the shape, porosity, and friction of textile materials. We develop new actuating solid (not hydrogel-based) fibers with complex architectures (side-by-side and core-sheath), which can be used for smart textile applications. 


Shape-memory fiber

Actuation of side-by-side fiber

Walking device made from 3 fibers

3D printed side-by-side filament

Selected publications

Ionov, L.*; Stoychev, G.; Jehnichen, D.; Sommer, J. U. Reversibly actuating solid Janus polymeric fibers ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2016DOI: 10.1021/acsami.6b13084.